Geo Smart Decisions Ltd has partnered with Aberystwyth University, NASA and the Earth System Interdisciplinary Centre on a research project exploring our understanding of land-surface interactions from space. Data collected from satellites (Earth Observation) play an important role in extending our abilities to understand the changes in space and time of soil moisture content and evapotranspiration. Understanding these variables at global scales is key to understanding the Earth?s climate and environmental systems and in turn this can inform studies of climate change, land management practices, biosecurity issues as well as ecosystem services. This project supports ongoing global efforts to develop advanced operational EO products that are either currently launched or due to be in the next 1-2 years.



Land cover mapping
and the EAGLE matrix

Geo Smart Decisions Ltd supported a Masters student undertaking an MSc in Remote Sensing and Computing Studies at Aberystwyth University through the Access To Masters scheme (2014-2015). ATM is part-funded by the European Social Fund through the European Union’s Convergence Programme (West Wales and the Valleys) and by the Welsh Government. The scheme supports businesses to develop cost-effective Research and Development programmes and to collaborate effectively with University Departments. Geo Smart Decisions Ltd worked with the Earth Observation group to explore the potential application of the EAGLE matrix to land cover classification in the Dyfi Biosphere Reserve. Other work as part of an MSc Dissertation involved the use of remote sensing and GIS software library RSGISlib to perform efficient change analysis algorithms applied to land cover across Wales using Landsat data and with reference to the UK’s Land Cover Map 2007.


Aberystwyth University
MSc Remote Sensing group

Geo Smart Decisions Ltd has supported the Aberystwyth University MSc Remote Sensing group (2015-2016) as part of the work experience module. This was a R&D project that explored the suitability of the freely available Sentinel-2 imagery for land cover classification in comparison with SPOT, WorldView and Pleiades data and all in the context of the CORINE Framework. CORINE is the de facto standard in Europe for mapping and monitoring land cover. Very promising results were achieved using data from the freely available Sentinel-2 data (comparable with costly very high resolution WorldView data) which were improved further upon using the freely available Sentinel-1 radar data.