About Us

Geo Smart Decisions Vision

Our aim is to provide definitive geospatial data and mapping that will inform well-founded decision-making that will contribute to global sustainable development goals and activities that better our world.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide excellent mapping deliverables in close consultation with our clients. Geo Smart Decisions consultants use, map, manage and analyse spatial data for a range of environmental applications and we commit to getting this data to our clients efficiently and reliably so that this data can go on to inform the business of our clients, support development agendas or contribute to the environmental planning process. Regardless of our clients spatial data and mapping requirements our consultants will consult, manage and deliver on solutions that meet our clients changing needs.

Managing Director:


Dr Crona Hodges is Director and Lead Consultant for Geo Smart Decisions Ltd., a geospatial consultancy offering GIS and remote sensing services to the Environment Sector. Crona is an accomplished manager of large GIS and remote sensing projects including large infrastructure projects both in the UK and abroad, including the Middle East and Africa and has worked with specialists from many different areas of expertise. Her proven analytical skills in geospatial sciences, using the ESRI ArcGIS suite of software and other specialist image processing packages including ERDAS IMAGINE software demonstrate a track record of effectively processing, analyzing and presenting data for clients.

Before establishing Geo Smart Decisions, Dr Hodges worked for a global environmental consultancy where she developed a broad understanding of, and experience in, environmental planning working with key clients with a wide range of requirements. Specifically, she was lead remote sensing analyst on a number of large oil and gas exploration and infrastructure development projects in Africa, including Algeria, Libya, Guinea, Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Egypt.

Her recent consultancy work for Geo Smart Decisions has contributed to identifying sensitive habitats and associated mitigation design as well as to general project support and survey work. More recently, Geo Smart Decisions has delivered work in the area of marine habitat mapping and bathymetric modelling in the Middle East.

Crona Hodges has a PhD in the use of airborne remote sensing imagery for classifying the natural environment, and excels in sourcing satellite imagery and other spatial data before undertaking spatial analyses using specialist professional software. Her First Class Honours degree in Environmental Science and membership of the UK’s Association for Geographic Information and the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society, UK’s Association for Geographic Information and the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society, round out a professional skills base that is both theoretically informed and practically focused toward meeting client needs.

Spatial Data Consultant:


Christian is a Spatial Data Consultant at Geo Smart Decisions Ltd. He graduated from Aberystwyth University with a BSc in Geography and a MSc in Remote Sensing & Computing Science. For his Masters dissertation he investigated a new semi-automated technique for detecting land cover change over time in Wales. His advanced skills and knowledge in RS/GIS processing and data analysis techniques help GSD to be resourceful, innovative, and creative.

He uses various types of data on a diverse range of complex projects that have required work such as: land cover classification and habitat mapping, analysis of UAV data, satellite derived bathymetry models, and GIS database support.

Christian has advanced experience in python scripting and open-source software such as QGIS, as well as commercial and professional GIS/RS software; this gives GSD the capability to offer tailor-made solutions and services for our clients.

GIS Data Analyst:


Dave is a GIS Data Analyst. He graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a distinction in his MSc in Geographic Information Technology. For his dissertation he used R to compare OpenStreetMap data with ground truth data for people with visual impairments. He uses a range of technologies, including R, Python, ArcGIS and QGIS, to analyse, quality assure, and display geographic (and other) data. He has experience working for both the public and private sector. He also has experience in creating bespoke web-based data solutions for third sector organisations.

He is currently involved in updating a large nationwide forestry GIS database, and works closely with forest surveyors and planners.

Non-executive Director:


James serves as a non-executive director of Geo Smart Decisions providing support in business development. He has more than two decades of management experience in B2B sales, Project Management and Learning and Development for FTSE 100/250 companies and Third Sector organizations. James innate understanding of business development means that he brings a depth of experience that is focused on supporting the growth of Geo Smart Decisions.

In addition to the support James provides us, he is also employed as a Client Relationship Manager for a leading provider of outdoor experiential learning residential programs for apprentices and graduates working in the automotive and passenger transport sectors.

James is Prince2 qualified and an Associate member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.